Works in Progress

C.S. Bezas is working on her next book, The Butterfly Principles: Proven Strategies to Success, chock full of easy and why-didn't-I-think-of-that tips to achieve potent success. Make sure to check back often for more news!

Other books currently in progress are:

Win the Race! The Spiritual Marathon Guide for Powerful Teens. Teens face pressures that their parents may not face. This straight-forward book contains interviews with more than twenty youth who talk straight and address how to survive in today's world.

The Moroni Principles: A Repair Manual for Valiant Young Men. What does the Aaronic Priesthood have to do with Captain Moroni? More than most young men might know. This fun guide to living a moral life will help teen boys find success in today's high pressure world.

Why Am I a Girl? A Beauty Manual for Savvy and Remarkable Young Women. Based on the Young Women's Values, this "beauty" book is very different, addressing not just physical beauty, but emotional beauty.