Come read C.S. Bezas' private thoughts as an author, speaker and composer. Creativity will come, not just for her, but for you as you explore successful tips and ideas shared at her blog, The Message From the Grove.


C.S. Bezas was born in a tiny Colorado town nestled high within the Rockies. As such, she grew up loving daisies and running barefoot amongst the Aspen trees. Is it any wonder, then, her imagination matches the size of those mountains!

Reading by the age of four (thanks to her mother who was a reading specialist, teacher, and consultant), C.S. Bezas fell in love with the printed word. By the time she was in grade school she was writing radio shows and larger than life stories, to the joy and frustration of her English and Science teachers (respectively). She won her first writing contest by the time she was in 7th grade.

Branching out into music and lyrics, C.S. Bezas never ceased to toodle around with creative fixations on words, music, and thought. Eventually she graduated from Brigham Young University in Communications, with an emphasis in human resource development, speech, and instructional materials (with a heavy fun-focus side of theater). She also has her M.S. degree from the University of Idaho in Adult/Organizational Learning and Leadership, with an emphasis in transformative learning. Her research focused on the healing nature of writing. What fun!

Today, C.S. Bezas writes for many venues, having garnered a variety of recognitions, winning grant money and awards. Her greatest thrill? Her family. Her favorite book? The scriptures. Her favorite place? The Rocky Mountains (we knew you'd guess it).